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iHealth Centre Newsletter – March 2024

Greetings to All Our Valued Patients,

Welcome to this edition of the iHealth Centre Newsletter, where we strive to keep you informed, healthy, and supported through every step of your healthcare journey. This issue is packed with essential updates and introductions to new members of our team and services. Let’s dive in!

Newsletter Contents:

  1. Free shingles vaccine advice
  2. Influenza vaccination advice – free for all ages
  3. Preventative Health Check for 45 – 49 year olds
  4. Travel Medicine
  5. Article – Be that mother
  6. Podiatry at iHealth
  7. Post summer skin check


 Free Shingles Vaccine Update


The iHealth Centre is pleased to announce the availability of the Shingrix vaccine at no cost for specific groups under new guidelines:

– Individuals aged 65 years and over.
– First Nations people aged 50 years and over.
– Immunocompromised individuals aged 18 years and over, including those with haematopoietic stem cell transplants, solid organ transplants, haematological malignancies, and advanced or untreated HIV.

Please note, if you have previously received a Zostavax vaccine under the National Immunization Program (NIP), you will not be eligible for a free Shingrix vaccine for at least 5 years. Additionally, a 12-month waiting period is required between receiving Zostavax and Shingrix vaccines. For those who purchased Zostavax privately, you are eligible for the free Shingrix vaccine, provided you meet the criteria.

Bexsero Meningitis Vaccine Availability

In an important public health update, certain Queensland residents are now eligible for the Queensland MenB Vaccination Program, targeting Meningitis B. The eligible groups are:

  • Infants from 6 weeks to 12 months of age.
  • A catch-up vaccination for children over 12 months to less than 2 years old.
  • Adolescents aged 15 to 19 years.  Eligibility for the second dose continues even after the age limit, provided the first dose was administered during the eligible period.

Influenza Vaccination Clinics



As flu season approaches, iHealth Centre is preparing to launch our Influenza Vaccination Clinics starting April. Thanks to funding from the Queensland state government, free influenza vaccinations will be available to patients not covered by the Federal program. Stay tuned for more details and how to book your appointment.

If you are travelling overseas over Easter holidays we are going to run an early bird clinic in late March. We will text all patients to let them know when our stock arrives.

Meet Our In-House Podiatrist: Steve Manning


For those struggling with foot-related issues, Steve Manning from InTraining is here to help. An expert in biomechanics, Steve is passionate about preventing falls, enhancing athletic and running performance, and alleviating pain. Whether you’re dealing with persistent foot discomfort or seeking to improve your physical activity, Steve’s expertise is an invaluable resource for our patients.

Preventative health care for 45-49 year olds



Did you know that if you are 45-49 and at risk of developing chronic disease you are eligible for a one off health assessment that has a greater Medicare rebate?  Some GPs may elect to direct bill this to Medicare and there might not be an out of pocket cost  This is a full health check with our nurse and your GP.  Our staff can help you check if you are eligible and book you with our nurse and then book you with your normal GP.  This is a great way to check if you are up to date with all your vaccinations, management of your health conditions, your preventative health care,  and to look if there are any health conditions you are at risk for that we can work together to prevent.

Travel medicine


We have noticed a big increase in travel!  We love to hear about the fun adventures you have planned. Make sure to see your GP well in advance of your trip to get your travel advice and vaccinations.  This usually requires a dedicated long appointment to go through destination advice, vaccine advice, to see if there is specific medications we would need to prescribe, and arrange any necessary overseas travel letters.

It’s also important to have routine vaccinations up to date as well as destination specific vaccines – our GPs and excellent nurses can help make it happen as seamlessly as possible. For convenience we hold a lot of travel vaccines and we are also a Yellow Fever Vaccination provider.


Feature article – Be That Mother


By Summer Gwynne, Summer Breeze Consulting (Family Support Nurse)

When I asked my rural parenting group what advice they could give one of our new mum’s, it was unanimous; use your instincts, do what feels right for yet. Yet it seems too hard to do. Parenting decisions are riddled with advice about what they should do to maximise safety, sleep and wellbeing. We fear going against the guidelines. We fear putting our babies at risk, not being a good mum, creating bad habits, setting up future battles, not getting enough sleep. But sometimes decisions do not need to be made with the future in mind. Sometimes we need to make decisions that are for now.

Let go of the fear of stimulation.

Hanging a mobile above a babies bed, singing sweet lullabies at 4am, or decorating the nursery like something from Pinterest will not harm your baby. We have replaced the word ‘comforting’ with ‘stimulation’. What if a baby focusing on a mobile above its bed, learns to relax why focusing, close their eyes and go to sleep. Sometimes looking at nothing can be unstimulating and not reassuring. The idea that we should not talk to our babies at night in fear of overstimulating them goes against our natural desire to pacify and comfort our babies. To look into your babies eyes, caress their face and sing that soothing sweet lullaby not only fills their heart but it fulfils your own heart.

Embrace the Nursery – The arrival of a baby needs to be celebrated and there is a deep primal desire in a mother to feather her nest and create an environment that is loving and warm to the baby. But in converting to our minimalist modern world of less is more for the nursery, we have suppressed the loving creativity that comes from creating a holy space for our child. The walls and cot are bare. Don’t stimulate. Yet, colour and photos and hanging things can actually be a beautiful focus and distraction for a baby. A bare room can be a terribly boring one to wake up to, and they cry!

But what about comfort and the reassurance of a room decorated with love, and colour and imagery. A warm room, where there is a warm rug on the floor, the door left open, toys on the floor. An inviting room that is a part of the house. Not a shut off one. A room that is used and played in feels far more relaxing and inviting than a room barely used, maybe becomes a storage room, and where it does not feel nice to be in.

Multi-task and feed in the bath.

It sounds funny but it works so well. There is nothing more stressful than picking children up from childcare and trying to feed and bath before 7pm! A couple of nights a week pop your baby and/or toddler in the bath and literally just spoon feed them while they play and you have a full clean baby.

To vacuum or not to vacuum, that is the question for your baby. It is a myth that if we get a baby used to noises when they are young, they will sleep through anything. The best judge of that is you. Look and listen to your baby. Do they startle at noises? Are they actually settled and relaxed after having a sleep with lots of noise. They will let you know. 

Let go of routine.

Routine can be great some days, but not when you have more than one child and you have to go out. Changing sleep times and routines on days when you have outings does not mean anything. It does not mean that they will be babies that don’t self settle or not sleep at all, it just means on that do you couldn’t stick to routine and that’s okay.

Let go of the fear of starting bad sleep habits when they are sick.

Most parents have not believed me when I have said that if they spend extra time comforting their baby, letting them sleep on you or with you when they are sick does not mean they will expect this all the time. Some babies just revert back to their old sleeping habits. Don’t think too far ahead. It will sort it self out. 

Twenty years of raising six children, working as a Paediatric & Child & Family Health Nurse, running a business and experiencing heart break and soul break, has made me want to Be That Mother. That Mother that choses what feels right and natural over in contract to where I think I am going wrong.  

It means doing ‘what’s best for you and your family as long as it is safe’.

It is a game changer.

It gives parents permission to use their hearts, their voices, instincts and intuition. Recite ‘what’s best for me and my family as long as its safe before every hard decision you make, and you will feel liberated and the kind of mother you want to be.


Podiatry at iHealth Indooroopilly with the Intraining Clinic




A Podiatrist is an Allied Health specialist for the lower limb.

Podiatrists use their knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and conditions from your foot to your hip to accurately diagnose, treat and prevent injury and illness.  This includes foot health and the impact that foot function can have on general health.


Podiatry has a very strong diagnostic emphasis. We have a comprehensive understanding of lower limb anatomy and can use further investigations like x-ray and MRI to identify an injury. We are also able to figure out the contributing factors to an injury so that the best interventions will be used for any condition.


We treat many different types of injuries both acute and chronic. Steve Manning at the intraining clinic (iHealth Centre Indooroopilly), has specialised in biomechanical and sporting injuries. This includes injuries for children related to growth or overtraining. We see serious athletes and weekend warriors. We have a special interest in helping retired patients maintain activity. We also see general patients needing regular nail and skin care as well as diabetic and neuro-vascular assessments.


While many people know podiatrists make orthotics and cut toe nails there are many other treatment options we use. Our extensive experience with footwear includes prescription as well as modification of patients shoes. We often start with padding and strapping to offload painful tissue. This may lead to orthotics when necessary. Once an injury has been resolved we can create an exercise plan or rehabilitation program to have you back to your desired activity ASAP.




To book to see Steve please call the iHealth Reception on 3870 2525 or book online. Initial appointments (F004) are usually 45 minutes so a thorough history can be taken. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes (F012) and brief appointments are 15 minutes (F010).

Customised orthotics are usually available within a few days.


Make sure you get your annual skin check

With summer behind us and skin cancer being the most common cancer in Australia it is always worth getting a skin check. Dr Kenny Loi has advanced qualifications in skin cancer detection, treatment and surgical techniques. Book in to see him or your regular GP at least once a year.

Stay Connected



For more details on any of the topics discussed or to book an appointment with Steve Manning, RN Summer or for your vaccination, please contact us directly. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Warmest regards,

The Team at iHealth Centre

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