Fees & forms

Our current fees and forms.

Please find below an overview of our Fees and Forms. Other services may attract additional fees. Your provider will advise you if these apply. Please note, costs are subject to change at anytime.

Billing Arrangements

A private fee applies except for DVA Gold Card Holders. Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa. We will refund the Medicare rebate directly to your card or account if you have this feature set up with Medicare. The AMA Fee structure forms the basis of our billing policy and is displayed in the reception area of the surgery.

If you have any difficulty in paying our fees, please discuss it with your doctor. The doctor or staff can discuss with you if other costs may arise from your consultation or treatment (e.g. investigations or specialist fees). All fees include GST where applicable.

Prescriptions, Repeats & Referrals

Please note: Providing prescriptions and referrals without consultation is not appropriate in most circumstances. In order to provide the best care we need to consider your medications and referrals in the context of all your health data (symptoms, observations like blood pressure, past history, blood tests etc) so we request you come in to make an appointment to obtain these.

In the future we may be able to offer video-consultations to select patients (at the moment this service would not have a Medicare rebate). Preparation of correspondence, repeat/replacement prescriptions or pathology forms may incur a charge.

Minor Surgery

We offer a range of minor surgical procedures including skin cancer surgery, minor injury care and implanon insertion. These typically incur an out of pocket cost, which depends on the complexity of the service and equipment used. Minor procedures have a $60 gap and complex procedures a $120 gap after Medicare.


We provide travel vaccinations, yellow fever vaccinations, standard scheduled and additional childhood vaccinations. Prices are available on request.

Work Cover

We provide work cover (worker’s compensation) care, with payment at the time of consultation.

Allied Health Fees

Clinical Psychology

Standard Appointment (60 minutes):
Fee: $220.00
Medicare Rebate: $124.50 (with referral)

Non-attendance Without 24 Hours’ Notice:
Fee: $220.00
Medicare Rebate: N/A

Occupational Health

Initial Assessment (60 minutes):
Fee $280.00
Medicare Rebate: Various

Initial Assessment (90 minutes):
Fee: $330.00

Initial Assessment (90 minutes):
Fee: $330.00

Initial Assessment (120 minutes):
Fee: $380.00

Regular Session (50 minutes):
Fee: $175.00

Regular Session (30 minutes):
Fee: $110.00

Other as advised

Diabetes Educator

Initial (60 minutes):
Fee: $140.00
Medicare Rebate: $54.60 (with referral)

Long review (60 minutes):
Fee: $110.00
Medicare Rebate: $54.60

Review (30 minutes):
Fee: $80.00
Medicare Rebate: $54.60

Please let us know if you have any questions about our Fees and Forms.

We aim to work with you in caring for your health and we place high value on the patient-doctor partnership. Courtesy, compassion and high-quality medical care are the keys to achieving the best results for your healthcare needs.