iHealth Plan

Chronic Conditions

Managing chronic conditions can be difficult for patients and health professionals. There are often multiple tasks, multiple team members and multiple check points.

This can pose logistical difficulties for everyone. That is why at iHealth Australia we have condensed the guidelines and recommendations into iHealth Plans to help you manage your chronic condition and enable us to facilitate the most appropriate and most effective, team-based care.

Each plan will outline:

  1. What your condition is
  2. A health care calendar so we know when things need to be done
  3. Your Goals and Our Goals for you
  4. Your performance against these Goals
  5. What biometric devices we recommend and the results from these
  6. iHealth Australia Checklist for our staff
  7. Patient Checklist for your activities
  8. Relevant guidelines so you know what the current recommended evidence-based treatments are.
  9. Relevant patient education materials

Your health team benefits from:

  • iHealth Plans keep you and your treating team on track.
  • They outline what each member of the team will be responsible for and how they will work with you to achieve it.
  • They enable you to share information between health professionals on your treating team.

You benefit from:

iHealth Plans let you know what the typical treatments and targets are for various disease markers. Evidence suggests people who receive these treatments, follow these guidelines and achieve these targets may have:

  • a better quality of life,
  • suffer fewer hospitalisations, and
  • live longer.

How does an iHealth Plan work?

1. Goal Setting

Our health care coordinator emails you a Goal Setting and health planning form for you to complete and return.

2. Health Planning

Our GPs and nurses prepare your iHealth Plan and iHealth Folder for your visit with your GP. We identify your health issues and review your health goals. We match these to the current evidence-based treatment guidelines and prepare a personalised plan for you.

3. Implementing your iHealth Plan

You receive your iHealth Plan at a dedicated appointment with our nurse and GP including any Medicare supported allied health referrals you may be eligible for. You gain access to our Health Coordinator who helps you make your appointments and manage your referrals.

4. Keeping you on track

We help you keep on track by sending you reminders when your tests, procedures and review appointments are due. Ideally, we arrange 3-4 check-ins throughout the year to help you stay on track with your plan.

We are growing our clinic and hope to have many of your allied health services on-site for your convenience and to support greater teamwork.

If you have an existing relationship with a trusted allied health professional we are happy to collaborate with them.

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