Dr Jared Dart

About Me

Dr Dart is returning to practice on 28 May 2024. He will only be seeing patients aged over 65 for General Medical (GP type) services and Healthy Ageing services. 

My name is Dr Jared Dart, and I am a specialist General Practitioner with an interest in complicated and chronic health conditions. I have worked in a number of environments and have extensive experience looking after complex General Practice patients. I have also received training in several specialty areas including Basic Physician Training at Greenslopes Private Hospital, Youth Mental Health (Headspace), Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine (University of Queensland), and Long COVID (iHealth Centre Clinic).


After finishing in the top 10 students in my first year of Medicine I won a scholarship to undertake a combined Research Doctorate/Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Medical Degree program. In 6 years I completed my medical degree and a PhD and was the first student to do so at The University of Queensland.

  • Bachelor of Science (Univ. Qld)  Areas of study: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Immunology 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Univ. Qld)  Majors in Economics and Government 
  • Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (Univ. Qld) 
  • Registered Medical Practitioner in Queensland 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Univ. Qld)  In the field of Medicine and eHealth 
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 
  • Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine, University of Queensland.

Prizes and Scholarships 

  • National Health and Medical Research PhD Scholarship 2002-2005 
  • William Nathaniel Robertson Scholarship 2001, 2002 
  • Douglas H.K. Lee Family Scholarship 2001, 2002 
  • Charles Ferdinand Marks and Elizabeth Gray Marks Prize 2001
  • Resident of the year 2007 Greenslopes Private Hospital

My Services

I am now focusing exclusively on patients over 65 and run clinics in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive annual health assessments (check-ups) and chronic disease management plans focused on managing a team-based approach to improve quality of life and health outcomes.
  • Healthy Ageing Clinic focused on improving your quality of life and health span as you age.

Each clinic has a systematic approach to obtaining information about your health concerns, assessing any previous investigations, and conducting an appropriate clinical assessment before devising a personalised and thorough health management plan. You will be informed about the process for each clinic either by email or explained to you by one of our friendly receptionists. The links below provide you with the most commonly used forms.

Following the process will help me to provide the best care to you but as always, I can work outside this process.

Patients must call the clinic to make a booking to see Dr Dart. Telephone 07 3870 2525.  

Please note my fees have changed – see below.

New Approach to Healthcare

I have designed and created a systematic approach to providing care to patients with undiagnosed, complex, chronic, or serious health conditions to ensure they receive the best of care. All my patients will receive a copy of my consultation notes or structured health assessment. Working in this way, I will be able to provide the most care to the most patients.

For my regular patients with chronic and complicated health needs, I can schedule monthly appointments, or more regular appointments, if required. I will work with my nurses to triage your care in the intervening period so that I can address any acute exacerbation of your chronic health condition.

For my regular patients with less complex acute health issues, this new approach means that you may need to see one of my excellent colleagues for acute care needs such as dressings, minor infections, and injuries.

I encourage you to take advantage of the process I have designed but, as always, I will be able to manage patients outside of this process. I’m grateful for the team of excellent GPs at our clinic and feel confident trusting them with the care of my family and friends.

Standard consults

To make the most of your time with me I have designed a pre-appointment checklist to help you:

(Fill this in before your visit to help you keep track of the things you need from your consultation)


iHealth Check – Personalised and thorough Annual Health Check Up

(This checklist helps me to conduct a thorough check up of all your health issues)

The process involves you filling in a check up check list before your first appointment.


We then work through your issues systematically depending on your individual circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Initial assessment, examination of cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and gastrointestinal system, referral for required tests and investigations.
  2. Women’s health or men’s health specific consultation and examination (as required) AND/OR whole body skin cancer check.
  3. Results assessment, discussion and management of any abnormal results or risk factors.
  4. Review appointment and longer term planning consult (usually 1-2 months later).
  5. Lifestyle advice and planning consult (if required).
  6. Chronic disease management and team care arrangement (if required) – this allows you access to up to 5 Medicare supported allied health sessions per calendar year.
  7. 3-6 monthly reviews of health issues (as required).

Some general information about recommended health checks for women:  https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/health-checks-for-women

Some general information about recommended health checks for men:  https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/health-checks-for-men

My Fees

Fees for my services are explained below and include time spent outside of consultations preparing for your visit. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact my Practice Manager to discuss your situation.

Medicare rebates vary depending on the item and unfortunately are usually set at 6-minute, 20-minute and 40-minute increments.  I had to change my fee structure to account for the complex and longer consultations I am providing.

My fee per 5-minute increments or part thereof is $45 or $9 per minute depending on the circumstance. My standard appointments are 20 minutes but may end up being shorter or longer depending on circumstances.

  • Short Consult (10-15 minutes): starts at $100-120
  • Long Consult (20 minutes): starts at $180
  • Extended Consult (30+ minutes):  starts at $270
  • Healthy Ageing (40+ minutes): starts at $360

Affordable Access to Care

To help patients financially, we can schedule Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements, and Annual Health Assessments, which will attract a reduced out of pocket cost:

  • GP Management Plans (Item 721) and Team Care Arrangements (Item 723) are recommended every 12 months and will be Bulk Billed if you are eligible for these Medicare items.
  • Reviews of GP Management Plans (Item 732) and Team Care Arrangements (Item 732) are recommended every 6 months and will have a fixed $50 out of pocket cost if scheduled in advance.
  • Over 75 Health assessments (Item 705 or 707) are recommended every 12 months and will be bulk billed if you are eligible for these Medicare items. This can include drivers licence medical certificates, unless extenuating circumstances apply.

Concession card holders such as Commonwealth Senior Health Card holders (over 67) may be eligible for the extended Medicare safety net once their out-of-pocket expenses reach $770.30. Once this threshold is reached, Medicare will usually reimburse 80% of the gap up to a gap limit of $93.20 for the remainder of the calendar year. For further information see health.gov.au/topics/medicare/about/safety-nets

Eligibility details for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can be found here.

To meet the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card income test (there is no assets test), you must earn less than the following:

  • $90,000 a year if you’re single.
  • $144,000 a year for couples.
  • $180,000 a year for couples separated by illness, respite care or prison.

If you’re part of a family or couple, you can register for the Medicare Safety Net as a family to combine your costs. This means you’re more likely to reach the thresholds sooner. Even if all family members are on the same Medicare card, you’ll still need to register. You only need to register once.

You can register or tell us about a change in your family situation by either:

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