Dr Rebecca Kerr

About Me

Hello, my name is Dr Rebecca Kerr (she/her), and I am a specialist General Practitioner who enjoys the breadth of practice that general practice has to offer. I enjoy the holistic experience of family medicine and getting to know my patients over time. Whilst I enjoy all aspects of general practice, I have a special interest in developmental paediatrics, women’s health, and adult ADHD. I work one day a week at RBWH as a GP with a special interest in Epilepsy, where I work with the neurology team assessing patients who have had possible first seizures. During holidays with my family, I also at times work doing locum positions in rural Australia, where I have enjoyed the acute care aspects of General practice and the warm welcome of small communities.

My Services

Apart from offering general practice appointments, I also offer

  • Adult ADHD, pre-assessment, then ongoing monitoring, advice, and prescribing after formal psychiatry assessment
  • Paediatrics and adolescent health (including behavioural and developmental concerns)
  • Women’s health including but not limited to:
    • Menopause
    • Contraception (including Implanon and Mirena)
    • Pregnancy planning and antenatal care

My goal as I listen to you, is to learn all I can about why you have come to see me, your previous experiences, your health concerns, and your goals. With the specific clinics and diagnoses, I see patients for, this requires structured, planned appointments so we can provide you with the time you need.  With this format, together we can form a holistic management plan that is tailored to you as an individual. I want patients to feel heard, to have good access to diagnosis and intervention, to feel supported, and to gain tools for self-management.

My Fees

I want to explain the fees for my services, which also include the time I spend preparing for your visit outside of our consultations. If you’re facing financial difficulties, please get in touch with my Practice Manager so we can discuss your situation.

To accommodate the complexity and longer consultations I provide, I had to adjust my fee structure. In keeping with the general fee structure of iHealth Centre Indooroopilly, short appointments (10-15 minutes) cost $98. After the initial 15 minutes, every additional 5 minutes or part thereof will be charged $32. In this manner, patients only pay for the time they spend with me, rather than having to pay for a full long appointment if their visit extends beyond a short appointment but not the full length of a long appointment. Medicare has fixed rebates that apply to 6-19 minutes, 20-39 minutes and >40 minutes, these of course will apply. Specific appointment types remain as per iHealth Centre Indooroopilly general fee structure, this includes all procedures and GP mental health care plans. Some patients at our practice may be eligible for a $20 discount on their fees, except for adult ADHD appointments.

Affordable Access to Care

To help patients financially, we can schedule Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements, and Annual Health Assessments, which will attract a reduced out-of-pocket cost:

  • GP Management Plans (Item 721) and Team Care Arrangements (Item 723) are recommended every 12 months and will be Bulk Billed if you are eligible for these Medicare items.
  • Reviews of GP Management Plans (Item 732) and Team Care Arrangements (Item 732) are recommended every 6 months and will have a fixed $50 out-of-pocket cost if scheduled in advance.
  • Over 75 Health assessments (Item 705 or 707) are recommended every 12 months and will be bulk billed if you are eligible for these Medicare items. This can include driver’s licence and medical certificates unless extenuating circumstances apply.

Concession card holders such as Commonwealth Senior Health Card holders (over 67) may be eligible for the extended Medicare safety net once their out-of-pocket expenses reach $770.30. Once this threshold is reached, Medicare will usually reimburse 80% of the gap up to a gap limit of $93.20 for the remainder of the calendar year. For further information see health.gov.au/topics/medicare/about/safety-nets

Eligibility details for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can be found here.

To meet the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card income test (there is no assets test), you must earn less than the following:

  • $90,000 a year if you’re single.
  • $144,000 a year for couples.
  • $180,000 a year for couples separated by illness, respite care or prison.

If you’re part of a family or couple, you can register for the Medicare Safety Net as a family to combine your costs. This means you’re more likely to reach the thresholds sooner. Even if all family members are on the same Medicare card, you’ll still need to register. You only need to register once.

You can register or tell us about a change in your family situation by either:

Book an appointment with me here

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