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Children’s Health Check Services

Healthy children can have undetected physical, psychological or behavioural issues which can impact on their education and development. Our Kids Check process is designed to identify a broad range of different health issues so that we can facilitate appropriate early interventions.

This type of check is ideally performed before starting school or during the early school years but it is never too late.

We have designed a parent questionnaire and a thorough assessment to inform you and your family doctor of any potential underlying issues.

This children’s clinic is conducted by an experienced GP with special interest (GPwSI) in paediatrics who assesses and manages such issues in children. The assessment conducted by our GPwSI will identify potential issues and inform the parents and usual GP about their child’s health so that the appropriate next steps can be facilitated.

This assessment is evidence based and thorough and is a worthwhile activity for all children to undertake.

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Who Should Attend a Kid’s Check?

Kids Check is a general clinic for children with no known developmental, behavioural or psychological challenges, designed to screen for unknown challenges in these areas.

If you have specific concerns about developmental, behavioural or psychological challenges we recommend:

  • Learning and behavioural issues
  • Social and communication issues
  • Emotional regulation and mental health issues
  • Medical, nutritional or other physical issues
  • Or, you have concerns your child has ADHD or Autism

With Kids Check and Kids Care, you can know sooner whether your child needs specialist medical care.

Who Runs Kids Check?

Kids Check and Kids Care were developed by and may involve all members of our multidisciplinary clinic including:

  • Our GPs and a GP with a special interest in child health
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech pathologist

How does Kids Care work?

We worked as a team to develop this screening clinic for children aged 4 to 6 years old. This age bracket is the optimal time to assess and detect developmental delay or other neurological or physical challenges. However, from newborn babies onwards, iHealth Clinic still offers comprehensive care for children of all ages.

Child Health Clinic Indooroopilly

Intake Assessment

Our GPwSI meets your child for a longer appointment to identify possible clinical, developmental or behavioural issues.

GP Evaluation

Your child meets with one of our family doctors (the GPwSI) who identifies any medical issues using a biopsychosocial and family health approach. You may then be referred to external general paediatricians or liaison with your own paediatrician if you already have one.

Getting Your iHealth Plan

If necessary, your child receives a personalised iHealth Plan and your family gains access to our Health Coordinator who helps make your appointments and manage your referrals.

Implementing Your iHealth Plan

Your child follows the guidance in their plan and attends appointments as planned with regular reviews built in.

What are the benefits of Kids Check and Kids Care?

Kids Check and Kids Care have many potential benefits for all family members.

Your child benefits from:

  • Early identification and management of important issues, leading to better health and educational outcomes
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals providing comprehensive, routine care on referral from your GP
  • A single location for most services, meaning they become comfortable in our space with the same doctor and better able to focus on therapy.

You benefit from:

  • Ongoing, skilled, compassionate support from your usual GP, complemented by assessment and support from our GPwSI, all informed by the results of our screening assessment
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team who all know your child, all talk to each other, and where necessary will develop a coordinated plan
  • The piece of mind to know that your child has had access to appropriate screening and where required appropriate early intervention to improve their health, education and wellbeing
  • Access to Allied Health Professionals that attract Medicare rebates (for eligible patients), private health care rebates (where patients have a relevant private health insurance policy) and NDIS funding if eligible.

ADHD and Child Development

Identifying signs of ADHD early on can ensure your child receives the educational, social and daily living support they need. Early testing for ADHD often reduces the intensity of symptoms and helps your child achieve success in school. From parent information to therapeutic services, such as behaviour therapy and medications, iHealth offers comprehensive ADHD diagnostic and support options. Our qualified allied health professionals and specialist ADHD-skilled GP are here to guide you through the diagnostic process, supporting parents and children alike to feel confident about the years ahead.

Contact us today and speak to an ADHD GP in Brisbane.

Your Local Children’s Developmental Clinic

While our community health centre aims to provide a single location for your children’s health needs, we occasionally need to refer to external health professionals across South East Queensland to complete your child’s treatment team.

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