iHealth services

About iHealth Centres

An iHealth Centre uses cutting edge design, technology, systems and processes to support a multidisciplinary team to provide the services you need to keep you and your family healthy. The iHealth Centre is the future of primary health care in Australia.

What is iHealth Care?

Our iHealth Centres contain innovative, engaged, patient centred clinicians who want the best for you and your family.

It is built around  a supportive relationship with a specialist General Practitioner/Primary Care Physician.

General Practice is the first point of contact for patients who have concerns about their health or well being. Specialist GPs are experts at dealing with uncertainty and diagnosing and managing the vast majority of health issues. We are also experts at coordinating multidisciplinary care.  A great GP is the best support a patient and their family can have.

Each clinic will determine the clinical service mix which best suits their community and their patients.  The may involve specific specialised services such as our KidsCare program.  These services involve a multidisciplinary team of experts supporting you on your path to good health.